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Quilting using the electric needle!!

Cranberry Crafts ran a machine quilting workshop weekend with Stephanie Newman in July. The participants had a lovely time building their skills using the electric needle as a tool.

Lynne just brought her portable quilting machine to play on!

Lynne just brought her portable quilting machine to play on!

Stephanie's beautiful award winning quilt

Stephanie’s beautiful award winning quilt

Industrious girls, had to drag them away for lunch!

Industrious girls, had to drag them away for lunch!

By George! I've got it! Needed some lunch!

By George! I’ve got it! Needed some lunch!

Lesley concentrating.

Lesley concentrating.

Is Pam choosing the next colour to paint with?

Is Pam choosing the next colour to paint with?

Caught in action!

Caught in action!

Lisa is intrigued by Stephanie's fabric control.

Lisa is intrigued by Stephanie’s fabric control.

Results at the end of the weekend - happy girls!!!

Results at the end of the weekend – happy girls!!!

Missing a month!

Weeks have flown by, it seems like an age since Leesa Chandler did the “Oriental Baltimore” workshop in early March. It was so inspiring, and those who participated have been so enthusiastic, and some disappointed people too! Let me show you a brief overview from the Sunday session!

DSC04319 DSC04331 DSC04327 DSC04322 DSC04329 DSC04323 DSC04334

Another year over

DSC04085… and what have we done? Looking back is sometimes gratifying, and sometimes frustrating. With Lyn’s help and energy, we started to tidy up the classroom, put items back where they belong and stash useable scraps from projects long finished. Goodness, An has been busy this year. I found half started or half finished (depends on how you look at them) bits and bobs I need to get done.

With all the Nancy Halverson projects, I have a lovely box of leftovers – quite yummy really, and they won’t add to my waistline, unlike shortbread, chocolate crackles and Lemon Lassies!!!

One of the last classes for the year, we combined fabric and food, a good mix I think. Aren’t these colours superb?

Along with Christmas came my long time friend from Devon in England, Marguerite. We have had a lovely time catching up. She has been inspired by the colours in a balipop and has started on a quilt, so we will sew in between catching up with old acquaintances until she leaves on Australia Day, hence I will not be teaching any classes during January. I will leave Jane Monk to inspire us with Postcards in fabric and a Zentangle workshop. Check out Jane’s blog sites for more information.


Patch a project

DSC04090This is a popular class tutored by me. If you have a new project and your not sure where to start – this is a good place to be, and if you are stuck somewhere in the middle of a project, it is the best place to be.
Many “girls” have brought their UFO’s (unfinished objects) to learn mitred corners, mitred bindings or continuous bindings, and leave the class with a finished quilt, albeit some hand sewing to do. It is getting close to Christmas, but with old projects finished and wrapped under the tree, new quilts are emerging, take a peek at what is happening here.
Aren’t the colours and patterns of the fabric just exquisite, it enthuses me to want to start a new quilt? Best of all I get to help with colour combinations and the fussy cutting of blocks (and it is not even my fabric!!!) Love it!

The journey begins

A week to celebrate… a trade show behind me, a workshop well run, my dad turning 80 and to end the week, my best friend visiting for the weekend.

Trade shows are exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. So many decisions – which fabrics, what colour, why do I want it, when will it arrive, how many patterns and on it goes at the next stand. Wish I could have it all (well most of it!).

The girls (my staff) get so excited the following weeks as the stock starts to roll in.

THEN… down to Tassie comes Robyn Alexander from Colour Streams to run a two day workshop called “Rhapsody in Velvet”.  I thought they were learning self defence, with rolling pins and felting needles raised aloft. The participants enjoyed the class so much, I have booked Robyn again next year. Thank you Robyn (and her easy-going lovable husband Peter) for taking time from your busy schedule to visit us and share your techniques and enthusiasm.

TGIF – Oh my goodness, ring dad, HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY ED!

Now it is Saturday and Debbie will be here to run her favourite foundation piecing class. Christmas angels are on the list today. Perhaps I will take a photo – can I ever remember to get my camera our of it’s bag?