Another year over

DSC04085… and what have we done? Looking back is sometimes gratifying, and sometimes frustrating. With Lyn’s help and energy, we started to tidy up the classroom, put items back where they belong and stash useable scraps from projects long finished. Goodness, An has been busy this year. I found half started or half finished (depends on how you look at them) bits and bobs I need to get done.

With all the Nancy Halverson projects, I have a lovely box of leftovers – quite yummy really, and they won’t add to my waistline, unlike shortbread, chocolate crackles and Lemon Lassies!!!

One of the last classes for the year, we combined fabric and food, a good mix I think. Aren’t these colours superb?

Along with Christmas came my long time friend from Devon in England, Marguerite. We have had a lovely time catching up. She has been inspired by the colours in a balipop and has started on a quilt, so we will sew in between catching up with old acquaintances until she leaves on Australia Day, hence I will not be teaching any classes during January. I will leave Jane Monk to inspire us with Postcards in fabric and a Zentangle workshop. Check out Jane’s blog sites for more information.


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